Pan-African Information and Communication Technology company, CWG Plc said it has created various platforms that would help reach a major milestone of processing 60 million transactions every month by the year 2020.

This was disclosed by the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. James Agada while reviewing the performance of CWG at its Annual General Meeting in Lagos last week.

He said CWG took this decision because it is convinced businesses that provide such platforms at scale will be the survivors and winners in the ever-changing information technology landscape.

Some of the platforms that will give CWG the milestone, range from purely technology services offered over the cloud to business solutions offered from the cloud or on premise that solve essential and scalable problems.

“We have continued our efforts to meet the targets we had set for ourselves and for our company. In 2017 we aimed to start reaping the benefits of our efforts to reposition the company, efforts that started in 2010 and which have been intensified in the years after. This repositioning is aimed at giving us room for sustained exponential organic growth, providing us with predictable revenue streams and reducing our exposure to the vagaries of exchange rate variations.

With this in mind, we set out to create platforms that we target to process 60m transactions per month by the year 2020 as a first major milestone,” Agada, who assumed the position of CWG’s CEO three years ago emphasized.

He cited businesses such as Uber, Google and Facebook have been providing platforms in the global market and achieving exponential success, adding that CWG intends to push platforms that will address challenges in government, healthcare, transport, power, utilities, education and practically in the whole sphere of social and economic activities. “We have elected to take advantage of these opportunities to build out our platforms. Building and scaling these platforms to take advantage of the obvious opportunities requires us to do a multitude of experiments with multiple partners,” he continued.

Speaking further, Agada noted that CWG Plc, which has been in existed for more than 25 years has gathered experiments that enable it to evolve platforms into the form that have market fit,  scalable and are net revenue contributors.


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