ESET, a cybersecurity research and a top European Union-based end point security company, has announced the launch of what it describes as future  enterprise security solutions.

The solutions, according to the company are designed to provide the global enterprise sector with tools for prevention and management of cyber risks on a global scale.

Speaking in Lagos at the launch of the products in Lagos, ESET’s Country Manager, Mr. Olufemi Ake, explained that the West African market now have access to upgrade or subscribe to the newly launched enterprise products and services. “These powerful new tools which fit into the Gartner CARTA framework helps organisations to prevent, detect, predict and resolve all forms of known and unknown threats,” he said.

Ake added that the solutions are based on the company’s multi-layered technology with metadata, stressing that each of these layers processed to ESET LiveGrid® cloud systems, providing further intelligence to our machine learning algorithms. These automated systems, in combination with the expertise of our researchers and engineers, enable us to prevent these threats at the network level before they hit the network.

“This solution is fully customizable, enabling customers to tailor the solution to their needs, and it provides vastly more visibility for complete prevention, detection and response against all types of cyber threats with continuous management, visibility and monitoring of all products and threats from a single pane of glass,” he noted.

Also commenting, ESET’s Chief Technology Officer at ESET, Juraj Malchopo asserted that global enterprise increasingly requires cybersecurity solutions that are more tailored to their specific needs, disclosing that ESET cooperates with a large number of them at the country level. “Get your hands on our latest offering and you’ll see how easily manageable an enterprise security solution can be,” he urged.

The ESET Endpoint Protection solutions offer enterprises increased visibility of the alerts being sent to ESET LiveGrid® – a platform made up of 110 million sensors worldwide and verified by ESET research & development centres. This allows customers to have the highest level of confidence when viewing data and reports within their consoles.

ESET’s new enterprise products and services are designed to be seamlessly deployed in parallel with the existing ESET enterprise offer.

ESET with offices in West Africa is raising its game with the introduction of ESET Dynamic Threat Defense, an off-premise cloud sandboxing solution providing almost instant analysis of zero-day and ransomware threats before they reach the network.

As recently reported by Forrester1, buyers want an “endpoint security suite that consolidates capabilities and minimizes complexity when possible.” ESET’s new line of cybersecurity solutions meets this demand and offers something extra.

The new line of enterprise security solutions also welcomes the brand-new ESET Security Management Center, a revamp of the renowned online console ESET Remote Administrator.

This online console provides not only complete network visibility and full security management via one single pane of glass, but also fully customizable reporting and single-click threat remediation, adding important complexity-minimizing elements to the whole suite.


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