The Nigerian Communications Commssion (NCC) has urged corporate organisations in Nigeria to invest in new technical solutions to prevent cyber attacks that may affect business process, assets, intellectual property rights, employees and customers.

In a series of tweets on its official handle @NgComCommission, the telecom regulator also urged organizations that are not capable of managing their cyber security plan to consider outsourcing to Cyber/Network security experts.

“As technology becomes advanced, cybercriminals are becoming more advanced. So, it is imperative that organizations invest in new technical solutions,” it emphasized.

NCC highlighted the effects of cybercrime to corporate organization to include downtime, loss of data/critical information, customers, equipment and financial losses, adding that cybersecurity tips practices are essential for an organization’s safety. “Everyone in the organization is responsible for protecting the organization’s information and systems against cyber attack and external threats,” it stressed.

Major Cybersecurity incidents have shown that cyber criminals depend on human error such as failure to install software patches, clicking on malicious links, and creating easy-to-guess passwords to gain access to systems and information.


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