Eset Nigeria last week Friday held its next edition of Security Day, where the leader in cyber-protection, provided a common platform for the business owners, decision makers and end-users to interact with security experts and senior management from ESET.

The Security Day, which is well-known globally as a gathering of independent and ESET security experts with IT professionals, business people and the general public draws the attention of business owners  to discuss the security landscape in their Organizations and country as a whole.

More than eight thousand people around the world already attended with positive feedback on how beneficial it has been to them and their Organizations.

The IT Security conference is not limited to ESET research − independent and non-ESET affiliated IT security experts provided presentations and leading discussions on cyber-threats and data protection issues which affect the current business environment. Attendees gained access to valuable know-how and technology support by our headline speakers.

‘ESET focused on the cyber security trends in Nigeria enterprise businesses as the security market is undergoing rapid developments with the threat landscape evolving with more and more targeted and persistent attacks, which conventional countermeasures are failing to prevent (the question is not if your defenses were penetrated, but how they were penetrated). They are failing due to the lack of security awareness among employees, missing proper security policies and lack of “basic hygiene” says ESET Country Manager, Olufemi Ake.

ESET began life as a pioneer of antivirus protection and company’s goal is to make sure that everyone can enjoy opportunities that technology offers. Today, ESET security solutions allow businesses and consumers in more than 180 countries to make the most of the digital world. Aim of this project is to bring cutting-edge knowledge to everyone – especially the business user.

“At ESET Security Days participants can enjoy the latest news from our own ESET kitchen. You will not only hear about what we offer to safeguard your business but you will receive valuable technology and security awareness insights along the way,” says ESET CEO Richard on ESET Security Days series launching in yet another country. “During the conference, attendees can always look forward to detailed presentations and reports on cyber threat landscape that we are currently facing,” he adds.

The event took place at Lagos Continental Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria with attendees having the opportunity to see and learn from the President, Cyber Security Experts Association of Nigeria (CSEAN), Mr Remi Afon, represented by a Director and Membership Coordinator of CSEAN, Mr Tunji Igbalajobi.

He cautioned organisation against showing lackadaisical attitude towards IT security, adding that many are suffering from reputational, financial and other damages orchestrated by cyber criminals.

According to him, both private and public sector organisations must pay attention to cyber education and awareness.

The Cyber Security Expert said that in the era of disruptive technology, it is possible for hackers to hijack IT security in the artificial intelligence environment if not handled with care.

Mr. Igbalajobi who said that IT security has become integral part of governance recommended periodic risk assessments; reduction to the level of administrative access; multi-factor authentication and adequate password management, as part of the panacea to stay safe.

He further extolled ESET for outstanding performances and products that meet the need of the markets which led to over 600million users that trust the solutions currently.

The ESET Security Day 2018 (Nigerian Edition) had 58 delegates and forty-one companies in attendance.


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