Over 139 million people from across Sub-Saharan Africa comes to Facebook monthly, spurring its growth momentum that would ultimately step up its investment in Africa.

“Today, more than 139 million people across Sub-Saharan Africa comes to Facebook every month, of which nearly 98 percent come back on mobile,” media agency, APO noted in an Infographic.

Meanwhile, according to Internet World Stats, as at December 2017, a whopping 177, 005, 700 Facebook users exist in Africa from the 453, 329, 534 Internet users in a population of 1, 287, 914, 329.

In Nigeria, the statistics show that 17, 000, 000 Nigerians are on Facebook as at December 2017 from the 98, 391, 456 Internet users that exist in a population of 195, 875, 237.


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