The National Association of Nigerian Students, an umbrella body of all higher institution’s students in Nigeria last week  declared the President and Chief Executive Officer of Medallion Communications Limited, Engr. Ikechuckwu Nnamani 2018 ‘Man of the Year’.

Presenting the ‘Man of the Year’ award to Nnamani in a brief ceremony in Lagos, the Public Relations Officer of NANS, Comrade Jeremiah Olatinwo said Nnamani, who is also the first Vice President of the Association of Telecom Companies of Nigeria was painstakingly selected for the award owing to his effort in the development of Communications Technology in Nigeria.

The award, which NANS refers to as National Outstanding Leadership Award is in recognition of Nnamani’s outstanding humanitarian service, unwavering commitment to the yearning and aspiration of teeming Nigerians in the provision of top notch, quality and copacetic services cum promoting professionalism and excellent service delivery.

Ikechukwu Nnamani and Executive of NANS

“We are here today to celebrate an accomplished and untiring entrepreneur, a committed professional, a proudly Nigerian and a technocrat of administrative distinction and sophistication, who has developed the Communications Technology through Medallion Communications Limited,” Olatinwo said while presenting the award, which he likened to the Ballor D’or in the football world to Nnamani.

He reminded Nnamani that an award from students is not just an award, but a call for more service to humanity and nation building, adding that available information indicates that Medallion infrastructure has aided learning in several higher institutions in the area of research and eLearning.

Accepting the award, a visibly surprised Nnamani revealed that the award means so much to him, as he did not even in a dream world expect an award from the student body.  “This recognition means so much to me. I appreciate it mostly because it is coming from the student body. What this also means to me is that we are doing something good that is being noticed. We assure you that we will continue to do our best to improve Communications Technology to boost the Nigeria’s economy and learning in our higher institutions,” he assured.

He advised the students to fight for the improvement of quality of education in Nigeria, suggesting that the operation of the National Youth Service Corp should be rejigged to post graduates to where they can be useful and gain experience.

“The most important aspect of your life is when you are a student. You must get the minimum quality as a graduate. Don’t allow yourself to be used for political reasons,” he advised.


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