Nigerian telecom regulator, the Communications Commission (NCC) has suspended the Do-Not-Disturb directive to Mobile Networks Operators.

NCC said it took the decision as a result of the coming election so that the MNOs disseminate specific information on voter education on behalf of the Independent NationalElectoral Commission (INEC).

The Commission however noted that in the process of inimplementing the suspension, MNOs are to be mindful of existing directives regarding the timing and regularity of such messages and the fact that the temporary suspension is only with regards to the specific messages on voters’education.

The new directive to all MNOs and Value Added Service Providers states that:

–   MNOs should ensure that their facilities are not used to disseminate political or religious contents which are abusive, insulting, intimidating and harassing, and/or which incite violence, hatred or discrimination against any person or group of persons.

–   MNOs shall provide service to participants in the political process, only to the extent that their licence and the regulatory process permits.

–   MNOs shall maintain theprinciple of neutrality in all their dealings regarding all the political process

–   MNOs shall at all times seek and obtain the approval of the Commission at all times.


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