As part of the celebration of the International Women’s Day, GSMA, representing the worldwide mobile communications industry has rolled out the drum to celebrate 8 women who are start-up founders.

Among them is Tope Omotolani, Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer of Farmcrowdy, an online platform for individuals and businesses to invest in farming projects in Nigeria.

GSMA says it is collaborating to celebrate the achievements of some of the female leaders within our respective Innovation Fund current and past portfolios

Through the power of mobile technology, these women enable socio-economic inclusion of women and men across Asia Pacific and Africa. They are sources of inspiration to many young women aspiring to be leaders in both the technology sector and verticals that they are champions in such as energy, health, agriculture or logistics.

When asked her message for the young women aspiring to be tech leaders in future, Tope responded: ‘Never use your gender as an excuse not to create value or give meaning to humanity. It is better to live your life daily invaluable service to humanity than to pay the future with regret.’

Other women GSMA celebrated include Dr.Sara Saeed Khurram, CEO and Co-Founder, Sehat Kahani, which provides mHealth services by women doctors to marginalised populations – mostly female – through telehealth in Pakistan.

Samira Negm, CEO and Co-Founder, Raye7, a culturally sensitive digital carpooling service for daily commuting in Egypt.

Shazia Khan, CEO and Co-Founder, EcoEnergy, which delivers Pay-As-You-Go solar home systems to remote and off-grid customers in Pakistan

Dr. Vena Arielle Ahouansou, CEO and Co-Founder, Kea Medicals, a medical digital identity solution for patients and hospitals in Benin.

Virginia Gardiner, CEO and Founder, Loowatt, which designs and deploys waterless toilets that use mobile technology for logistics management in emerging markets.

Yin Yin Phyu, Director of Operations and Co-Founder, Greenovator, a digital marketplace for agricultural inputs and outputs in Myanmar.

Lyndsay Handler, CEO, Fenix International, which designs, manufactures and distributes mobile payment-enabled solar home systems in Uganda, providing convenient and affordable electricity access to off-grid customers.


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