Technology enabled startups looking for funding to scale their business reasons to smile as a Founder First Incubator, Troidini is offering funding them in the region of $20, 000 and above.

In a statement in Lagos, Durojaiye Philips, the Managing Partner at Troidini Ventures, noted that the essence of the funding opportunity for startups is to address a fundamental and universal challenge with local context.

“We believe that with more Funds and Resources available to the best Founders and Innovators, we can begin to solve fundamental and Universal challenges with local context,” the Philips noted.

Philips added that for certain, the right amount of Genius, Resources, and Technology abound and talent evenly distributed, but opportunity is not.

“Africa is a land of Challenges, and more importantly a place of Tremendous opportunities which can be explored with the right amount of Genius, Resources, and Technology; Hence, we’re working with Founders and Innovators to build solutions for Africa.”

Troidini is a Founder First Incubator. It provides awesome founders with seed/early stage funding, market research, business development and world-class advisory help their companies scale.

A quick check shows that Troidini is investing $20, 000 for 10 percent equity in the best founders and tech startups in Africa. The investment follows on with a syndicate of $100, 000 and above.

Thus, the firm is looking for tenacious founders with roots in business and technology, user centric, technology driven solutions that solve big problems and products that target billion dollar markets with unique solutions.


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