Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has outlined strategic business plans for the social media giant.

Zuckerberg, who gave the hints during the company’s earning call two days ago, said Facebook’s plan is to create two distinct spaces: a public forum or “town square,” and a private encrypted space or “living room.”

He said that the company will spend at least one year consulting with experts, government, and law enforcement before launching the closed-off private service.

“We have highlighted our central focus for the company for the next five years or longer,” he disclosed.

He admitted that there are really important safety and content issues in messaging, explaining that if Facebook don’t have the ability to see the content, it needs to make sure it has different tools in place to handle that.
Prompt further by an analyst, Zuckerberg said the approach reflects a change in Facebook’s approach to building products.

“A few years ago, we probably would’ve rolled this out and tried to deal with issues as they came up with but now part of our new approach of trying to be more proactive about social issues is trying to build in from the ground up, getting this right upfront,”he added.

More details on the plan would be revealed at the Facebook’s annual developer conference.


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