The D-Coder’ Initiative, which was designed to support CWG Plc and the Academy’s mandate of contributing its quota to nation building by teaching young holiday makers how to code may have come and gone, but the impact remains.

This is so as the first session of 2019 ends, which lasted for two weeks has seen a total of about 45 young  Nigerians participate, having gained the skills and knowledge to design codes since the initiative berthed a couple of years ago.

Speaking at the closing session at the CWG’s Corporate headquarter in Lagos on Friday, the Group Head, Brand and Marketing Communications, Mrs. Anthonia Ehanmo disclosed to Journalists that the D-Coder initiative has had three sessions prior to this latest one.

“We have had about 45 young coders emerging in total,” she said.

Mrs. Anthonia Ehnamo

She noted that the initiative relies on a general assumption that youths are heavily dependent on direction from adults in making assertive decisions about their future. Hence, CWG is riding on a very popular adage that it takes a village to raise a child. CWG is stepping forward as part of that village.

She also called on other private and public organisations to join the mandate of excellence for the Nigerian Youths, by adding their 2 cents in raising the children of today within our economy as they are the Youths of our nation. “Education is key and there are loads of interest areas there; organisations could look for an area that they could cater to and be part of the said village. The level of satisfaction one feels, after seeing the excitement of younger minds when interacting with Technology-learning is so so different,” she added.

This year’s edition is the fourth in the series of the –Coder Initiative. It ran for just 2weeks, with a few students from different ‘Senior’ Secondary schools across Lagos. A dedicated team of CWG-Software Development experts who drew up the curriculum were on the ground to train the students, in relaxed, yet interactive format, much like a bootcamp during vacations.

An interaction with the students show that their appetite for new knowledge was renewed and their confidence boosted, as irrespective of their later career choices, the technology know-how is beneficial in all spheres of life. The testimonials of same, from past attendees has made it all worthwhile. The ripple effect of building a technology savvy and tech-driven economy will be achieved in the long run, taking a cue from a comment by the Ag. MD?CEO, Mr. Adewale Adeyipo on the support given by CWG to its initiative.

The admission process is quite simple, as all it takes is for parents and guardians to follow all the CWG Plc social media pages; Twitter: @CWGAfrica; CWG Plc on LinkedIn and Facebook; to avail themselves of the announcements on registrations and other details that come up close to any long school vacation that is longer than 2 weeks. Speed however is important as it has become a sought after initiative with limited spaces to allow for the dedicated one-on-one training given to the would be D-Coders.


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