The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) in its strategic role as a regulator and key stakeholder within the Nigerian economy, seeks to deepen its Digital Transformation culture in response to the ever changing market conditions.

The financial services industry has witnessed several evolutions within the last two decades and will be subject to many more changes in the next few years. The CBN has recognized the need to adapt an internal culture and operations to meet present-day reality.

This and more were the focus of the just concluded Digital Transformation Session that took place on 28th August 2019 at the NAF Conference Center, Abuja.

The Apex bank is consulting with Reliance InfoSystems Ltd., Microsoft’s Tier1 Partner in West Africa to drive technology adoption internally and intensify its internal DT culture.

The goal of this culture change is hinged on the four pillars of Digital Transformation which is to empower employees of the CBN to reimagine work and productivity, which in turn will identify transformation opportunities that would support CBN’s corporate objectives, engage customers leveraging digital tools and services, optimize operations which include minimizing running costs, improve service delivery and facilitate collaboration within teams, and transform its products.

The Director of CBN Enterprise Division, Dr. Paul Ojeikere while speaking at the DT session, highlighted the need for enhancing productivity and collaboration; to improve how employees communicate, collaborate on projects, and develop ideas. Other CBN participants spoke on the much-needed culture change that would encourage ease of technological adoption.

The Managing Director of Reliance InfoSystems, Mr. Olayemi Popoola while thanking the CBN for the unique opportunity to collaborate on this initiative,  said “even with the best practices templates, no external consultant can perfectly pinpoint and successfully drive DT opportunities within an organization”.  

He reiterated that “It will take employees of the Apex Bank across all cadres of the organization to deliberately turn the transformation wheels as they spot opportunities in the course of their daily routines and interactions”.

Reliance InfoSystems has an unmatched antecedence of leveraging technology, to empower organizations transform their business model and operations across several industries in West Africa to achieve more. 


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