West African country, Ghana is set to host local government officials from across Africa to a 2-day forum that seeks to deliberate on ways forward for the grassroots administration.

The continental conference, which is being packaged by Nigeria’s B2B event company, InstinctWave, will bring  together top local government policy makers, practitioners and other stakeholders to discuss policy developments, share and learn about new ideas and innovative solutions and products to help councils and local governments improve their processes and services.

According to the organiser, the conference also provides a unique international opportunity for local government policy-makers and practitioners to meet and exchange ideas, information and good practice.

Speaking on the objectives of the conference, the CEO of InstinctWave, Mr. Akin Naphtal said: Local Governments as the closest governments to the people must be seen to be making huge impacts. However, a number of challenges are standing as obstacles to achieving their objectives and these are the issues the conference will be looking at with a view to preferring solutions and charting the way forward for local governments in Africa”.

He added that topical issues to be discussed during the conference will include: The Search for Relevance of Local Government Parastatals; Resources and capacity for effective local government; Improving local governance and effectiveness; Promoting sustainable local development, among others.

The conference will run concurrently with the 2nd edition of the Africa Public Sector Conference and Awards (APSCA), another platform for professionals to share insights on industry trends, business strategies, policies and articulate how African Ministries, department and agencies can work towards building a robust economy.


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