By Hashim Suleiman

Let me refer you to Uncle Dele Momodu’s Pendulum of Saturday, 26th October 2019 wherein he professed about Tinubu’s destiny over 2019 presidency. He pointed out reasons why he felt Tinubu has a date with destiny regarding becoming the president in 2023.

One of the key reasons, which I also agree with, is Tinubu’s capabilities of identification and management of critical human resources. This happens to be one of the formidable strategies, which has eluded a lot of Nigerian politicians who, despite their humongous resources cannot command credible followership and loyalty. We witnessed the examples in how lots of them who hitherto predicted electoral outcomes could not do so in 2019. This, therefore, makes such a suggestion by Dele Momodu a credible one.

Going from the above, every reasonable Nigerian especially politicians, pundits and strategists will understand that the race has begun in earnest and whatever strategies that anyone is willing to employ must have started or should start now. It is becoming clearer, perhaps, that the 2023 presidency for APC will most likely be a South West affair. The only thing that was not detailed in the Pendulum was the ‘How’ of the wishes that Bola Tinubu becomes the president.

Again, while the Pendulum has given us a reason to understand Bola Tinubu has an interest in the 2023 presidency, it is pertinent to note that other eminent people from the APC southwest are gearing up to test the waters as it is their rights to do so. But in all of it, the most important part of the South West strategy must be about how to manage the area of a northern Vice-Presidential Candidate considering that the PDP is sitting in the corner and waiting.

So, me and my friend Jamil Yusuf, were having a conversation over the weekend about the Pendulum, Bola Tinubu, APC, PDP, and South West, we both agreed that the choice for a northern Vice President was critical of the choices any of the candidates had to play if they were to make it through even though the possibilities are pretty high. We mentioned and analyzed a couple of them, but the one that sat most with the analysis was Isa Ali Ibrahim Pantami.

Let me then help summarize why the analysis felt his choice was going to be a backbreaker. Firstly, the main and first issue would be Muslim – Muslim ticket and felt that we had been demystified a lot since Buhari has not been able to Islamize Nigeria in 5 years and with no iota of intention to do so.

Remember also that Deaconess Senator Oluremi Tinubu is a top member of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, which makes Christianity be a part of Tinubu’s home and life. The other candidates may even be Christians or Muslims who have spouses in similar situations like Oluremi Tinubu. These issues and more could easily surmount that challenge.

Secondly, we know how young Nigerians have been clamoring for a young and digital person who understand Twitter, Facebook and the  likes to be in the steering for the management of Nigeria and this man has been the first person who has transformed digital from rhetoric to reality through the transformation of the Ministry of Communications to Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy. If young Nigerians who constitute over 70 percent of the voting population are serious, they would quickly latch on to this and even mobilize others to join.

He has always and continues to be one of the top people who has acted severally on issues regarding complaints on some issues associated with his ministry through twitter with the latest being the suspension of the planned charges by telecom operators over usage of the USSD service.

Then again, we analyzed the area of capacity and found out that the man had been focused on the digital part of the economy, which was the most critical tool needed to even be a better Nigeria’s Vice President since it was the primary assignment of the office.

Imagine a digitized process of economic activity in Nigeria, this would mean increased data and revenues for the utilization of the public good. Analysis of the opinions of the public has showcased him to be the most popular of the Next Level ministers for the most positive reasons related to practical capacity and capability.

Talking about popularity, I am sure even you reading this know about Isa Pantami and especially about his capabilities and ascendances. Our analysis is usually based on research and you are encouraged to study the spread in the composition of his allies from time till now. He has grown to command respect amongst people owing to his sociability, integrity, capacity and good PR.  Remember that big political names have continued to reduce to matter in the political cycle of Nigeria, sustained strategy and goodwill does lately.

To sum the matter up, for now, it is important to write about this in order to emphasize the importance of strategy over our actions and inactions. The 2023 race has become one that will usher Nigeria into the descent to political maturity and that will mean that every minute from now on matters as far as critical strategy is concerned.

The 2023 presidency will be very difficult to predict up until the day of elections. In view of this, the principals are further reminded about the importance of critical strategic as we edge close and as for my fellow Nigerians, let us brace up for a pretty interesting political game going forward. You will hear from me again.

Hashim Suleiman writes in from Abuja and can be reached via


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