USM Company has launched a YouTube channel that will feature varieties of programmes to engage children.

In a statement, the company stated the programmes, which will be of interest and benefits to the target audience can be assessed via and will engage the children positively.

“The Youtube channel would assist to correct the negative narratives about children’s use of social media,” said one of the Directors of the USM company,  Ufuoma McDermott, adding that part of the things to be taught on the channel were African culture and norms.

He stressed that the idea behind the USM Kids channel is to use media to engage kids in fun and general learning, but also subtly teach them about our African norms and culture.

Meanwhile, at the official launch of the channel, the lead actors of the channel, Isio and Kesiena McDermott, expressed excitement when welcoming their friends, classmates and a few parents.

The children were also delighted to have such a channel as they settle down to have loads of fun, play, sing-alongs, lots to eat and drink.

They were also allowed to have a glimpse of some of the videos.

“From October 10, videos have been consistently uploaded to the channel to engage children,” USM added.


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