In a bid to help organisations secure their data and ensure business continuity, Nigeria’s CWG Plc teamed up with Veritas Technologies, one of the world’s leaders in enterprise data protection and software-defined storage to organize a data management workshop in Lagos.

Themed ‘Business digital transformation through data backup’, the workshop was tailored towards meeting organisations’  needs when it comes to data recovery and their backup solution, as data is today’s most critical asset of any organization.

Speaking at the workshop, which brings together stakeholders from the government, technology providers and the financial sector, Maureen Esokawu, Business Development Manager at CWG, noted that every business needs to have a business continuity plan to keep operations going after experiencing a disaster. Thus, the centerpiece to every plan is having a backup and recovery solution in place as Data Management as a major driver towards achieving digital transformation.

“The essence of today’s workshop is to bring to the knowledge of our customers that data is key to the survival of their business. We help our customers analyze their data through the partnership we have with Veritas. We have skilled expertise that has been trained on the Veritas solutions. After analyzing the data, we give our customers insight on how they can make better and informed decisions,” she added.

Asked to expatiate on what CWG is offering, Maureen stated that CWG as a Gold partner to Veritas is offering a more trusted data management service that is unique and adaptable for all network infrastructure.

According to her, many organizations do not what exactly to do with their data because it is complex, but it is important to understand that there is a technology called Network Backup that is efficient and can prepare any organization for tomorrow’s business demands.

The Veritas solutions majorly help organizations to make sense out of their data, such that all the data an organization has, irrespective of where they are located will allow them to identify data that are critical for immediate use and those that need to be back up and achieved.

“We believe that as the digital business continues to evolve, forcing IT leaders to contend with greater workload diversity in the midst of tightening budgets, there should be commensurate investments in data analytics projects, This is why we are organizing this workshop with CWG Plc, our Gold Partner in Nigeria,” said Bukola Raji, Commercial & Channel Manager, English Speaking West Africa at Veritas.

He also disclosed that there will be an increased need for enterprises and other organizations to move their data to the cloud, which may also lead to more complexity on how to manage the data, advising that these organisations should put their data together and apply some level of intelligence to it.

Veritas was recently named by Gartner, an analytic company as the leader for Data Center Backup and Recovery Solutions.


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