Last week,, a FREE classifieds platform was launched to encourage more Nigerians to embrace the online marketplace, and ultimately restore the confidence of Nigerians, and indeed African to eCommerce through hassle-free, secured and convenient process.

Unveiling the platform, Co-founder/Chief Technology Officer of, Mr. Emeka Orjiani, explained the processes of how to buy and sell using the platform.

Here are the steps to proceed: 

Step 1.

Click on ads for FREE NOW 

Step 2:

Complete all the information about your item such as title, category, region, description, price and add photos (at least three photos needed for cars and phones). 

Step 3:

Double-check the phone number and other information

Step 4:

After filling out the required fields, click on “Post” button.

Once you post your ad, you will be immediately redirected to our registration page. 


Your advert will be published shortly once moderators have approved it. 

Step6: Once your advert is live, you will receive a notification. 

“Be ready to receive incoming calls from your potential buyers,” he said.

Speaking further on market acceptability of, the CTO said, “It has been awesome. In fact, the response has been overwhelming in the sense that we just wanted to start on a low-key note, but the sellers and buyers are coming in thousands”.

“This further confirms that Nigerians are ready to embrace classifieds that ‘care’ about them, their needs and respond to their queries instantaneously. It takes a click to get us chatting with you. So, try today,” he concluded.

The platform that went live on Monday, January 06, 2020, made a promise to empower millions of individuals and businesses in Nigerians with free access to sell anything ranging from smartphones, cars, laptops, clothes, shoes, bags, property, furniture, books/literature, kiddies’ wears, job placement/vacancies, amongst others.


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