A new GSMA Intelligence research, has revealed in its latest report that though the smartphone will remain the  dominant consumer device into the new decade, the arrival of 5G will not guarantee a surge in device upgrades.

A new report, titled ‘The Future of Devices’, also give a breakdown of what of described as smartphone ownership among adults in most high- and middle-income countries is at 85-95 per cent.

It noted that  only 30-40 percent of survey respondents in significant markets such as the US, Europe and Australia said the arrival of 5G is likely to result in a smartphone upgrade in the short term. By contrast, markets such as China and South Korea will be early adopters; nearly 50 per cent of Chinese consumers say they will buy a 5G phone as soon as they are available.

“The device ecosystem will be critical in shaping the trajectory of 5G adoption. However, it’s a mistake to believe that consumers in every market will look at 5G upgrades in the same way,” ,” said Peter Jarich, Head of GSMA Intelligence.

He urged operators and device manufacturers to understand consumer demand on a granular level if they hope to make the most of the 5G opportunity.


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