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CYBERCLOUD Platform, the first indigenous VMware Cloud Service Provider in Sub-Saharan Africa recently got extra accolades, following the addition of the blue VMware Cloud Verified now added to its partnership.

VMware Cloud Provider Program Manager, Sub-Saharan Africa, Dave Funnell, who announced this new feat explained that “it means when you see the VMware Cloud Verified logo, you know you can easily access the full set of capabilities of VMware’s Cloud Infrastructure. Get the ultimate in cloud choice through flexible and interoperable infrastructure, from the data center to the cloud. Support all your apps – from existing to cloud-native to SaaS – across private, public and hybrid clouds using services displaying the VMware Cloud Verified logo.”

The Head, Cybercloud Business, Miss. Laurel Onumonu, speaking with newsmen on what this development means for business, on the sideline of the Cybercloud’s Exhibition at the just concluded Zenith Tech Fair, in Lagos, said featuring the VMware Cloud Verified logo in any marketing campaigns and content signals to customers and prospects that foundational cloud technologies and services are based on VMware Cloud Infrastructure. VMware is the global leader in cloud infrastructure and digital workspace technology.

According to Onumonu, we have domesticated VMware services locally and organizations can rest assured of their data security, integrity and availability. We are aware of the Data Sovereignty Policy of the Federal Government hence we built a VMware Verified Cloud Platform situated in a Tier 3 Certified Data Centre. We are proud to say that CyberCLOUD offers true first Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) services in Nigeria.

Ms. Laurel Onumonu, head of CyberCloud Business at a recently held tech Fair in Lagos

Recently, the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) expressed readiness to comply with the full implementation of this provision in the Nigerian setting. This means that sensitive financial and commercial data will no longer be hosted abroad.

This is the void CyberCloud has stepped in to fill, as a company of forward-thinking individuals, we have taken the initiative to set up Nigeria’s first true Cloud Service with the features that meet the Nigerian Data Sovereignty stipulation.

Said she, “adding the VMware Cloud Verified logo to offerings confirms to customers and prospects that foundational cloud technologies and services are based on VMware cloud infrastructure, including VMware vSphere, VMware vSAN, and VMware NSX”

Onumonu noted that the VMware Cloud Verified logo represents compatibility (an assurance to customers that CyberCloud services are compatible with clients’ VMware virtualised environments; awareness (the logo is a recognition of our commitment to cloud freedom and choice via the VMware Cloud Infrastructure); opportunity (helps organizations drive revenue by delivering services at a reduced infrastructure cost).

Launched in 2018, CyberCloud is Nigeria’s first true Cloud Service Provider; set up to provide cloud service with the added ease of configuration and management, custom partitioning, and full Information Technology (IT) infrastructure capability. It aims to be the go-to place when the need arises to move from the heavy capital expense-based IT infrastructure model to the cost-friendly subscription-based model.


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