As technology continues to change the way organizations introduce, integrate and upskill new employees to their systems, a leadership development firm, Brunch & Brands has decided to launch a platform that will develop professionals to become exceptional and selfless human beings.

This becomes necessary as the acceleration of automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and other cognitive technologies, digital transformation are continuously taking hold on all aspects of HR and people development.

According to the Founder of Brunch & Brands, Mr. Chidi Okpala, though digitisation brings with it benefits for organisations and the people who work for them, it doesn’t exclude the human focus and elements.

“Just think back 15 years to the time-consuming, disjointed, often paper-based activities that have been replaced with intelligent, agile, data-driven systems. However, digital doesn’t mean excluding the human focus; the best digital onboarding enhances the human elements and brings people together. After all, people aren’t robots, and introducing them to your organisation requires much more than simply information transfer,” Chidi stated.

He stated that Brunch & Brands is an inspiring, learning and moving platform designed to help grow leaders impact, influence and lead their organisations to reach their fullest potential for the benefit of the whole of humanity.

Brunch & Brands approach
The brunch & Brands’ approach will include depending on human potentials and values in a digital decade through training sessions that will last not more than an hour, thirty minutes (1hour:30minutes).

It will have a maximum of fourteen people per time and a minimum of eight persons with consideration to other flexible situations. It is either be 11:30 am to 1 pm or 12:30 pm to 2 pm as will be agreed.

Each session is developed to address and give focus to key areas of the employee’s personal and professional development that would eventually yield great results for the organization and for their careers”.

The programme is divided into two specific areas: “True Leadership that tends to address concerns around entrenching selflessness, gratitude and responsibility for greater productivity. This is further divided into four unique sessions.

The second leg is Personal Branding Development Programme for Daring Professionals in the Digital Economy. This is also divided into seven unique sessions with three integral parts that help a professional build a brand as an intrapreneur or entrepreneur.

The Founder of Brunch & Brands also said there will be provision for one-on-one coaching on 360 Personal branding development survey for 1hr.30minutes and continuous coaching for one month after the programme.


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