CWG Academy, the training and capacity building arm of CWG Plc has started the second session of online training for youths who are willing to pursue a career or learn a skill in the Information and Communications Technology sector.

The second online session, which is also necessitated by the ravaging Covid-19 pandemic that has forced many people and organizations across the world to work and study from the comfort of their homes, has commenced a few weeks after it graduated its first set of online students in a ceremony conducted online.

Speaking at the opening and welcome ceremony today, CWG’s Head of Human Resources, Mrs. Tinu Adeyemi, advised the students to take advantage of the opportunities the Academy provides, disclosing that many alumni of the Academy have found themselves working in Blue-Chip companies.

“We are not training you to work in CWG Plc, but equipping you to be competitive anywhere you find yourself in the world. We urge you to take the study seriously and ask questions because we can guarantee you that the six weeks you will be spending here would not be in vain,” she assured.

Also, while giving a word of encouragement to the students, the Chief Executive Officer of CWG Plc, Mr. Adewale Adeyipo, urged the students to up their belief, noting that for everyone who has passed through the CWG Academy, there is always something special about the person.

He said: “For you to be here at CWG Academy means you are willing to improve your skills, which will better put you in a position to be competitive among your peers anywhere in the world.”

He asked them to pay attention to the technical sessions as well as the non-technical sessions, explaining that every session is important in the quest to improve their skills.

Started over ten years ago, the CWG Academy has trained and developed over 1,500 Professionals, some of whom are working with Blue-Chip companies in Nigeria today. Some have also gone ahead to establish their own companies as entrepreneurs and are doing very well.

This, the Director of Study, Mr. Effiong Emmanuel reiterated when he tasked the students on work ethics and other workplace experiences while urging them to see assignments given to them in the workplace as special tasks.

“We will ensure we play our part by giving you value for the money you have paid to be part of the online training. You also need to play your role by paying attention to details and asking questions when you are not clear,” he urged.

He also assured the students that all alumni of the Academy remain the first point of call whenever there is a job opening from any of the several CWG’s clients and partners. “While we cannot assure you of getting an automatic job, being an alumnus of CWG Academy gives you an opportunity to be shortlisted for job interviews,” he said.

According to Mr. Effiong, the six weeks programme will focus on ATM, IT Infrastructure, Data Centre, Software, Finacle, and an Introduction to Zoom Functionality.

The Academy is one of the many ways CWG contributes her quota to Nation building by ways of helping to tackle the Nigerian unemployment quagmire.

The Academy deals with four core areas of the Information and Communications Technology ecosystem. They are Advance Service management, Data Centre Infrastructure Services, IT Infrastructure & Cloud Platform, and Software Training.


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