The National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) has given six advisory tips to Nigerians on how best to avoid online financial fraud, while also cautioning desperate citizens to be careful so they don’t make themselves vulnerable for little gains.

According to the Nigerian Information Technology regulation agency, who posted this tip on its official Twitter handle, it is extremely difficult for anybody to fall into the trap of being defrauded when these five tips are followed religiously.

Here are the tips as itemized by NITDA

  • Do not give your bank account details to people you do not know or expect money from (e.g. the public, as it is with the recent trend on social media platforms).
  • Verify the source of funds; is it an expected payment and is it from a legitimate source?
  • Check your bank account occasionally for suspicious activities, especially if you give your bank account details to someone you do not trust or people you do not know.
  • Do not share any personally identifiable information (information linked to your identity) with untrusted parties.
  • Do not disclose PIN, passwords and online banking login credentials with anyone.
  • Do not use public networks when transacting online.



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