One of Nigeria’s 4G LTE Broadband service providers, Smile Nigeria has just completed the latest upgrade of its Core Network Expansion (CNE) in order to give vent to the practice of regular upgrade of its network capability.

The upgrade, according to the company is significant in its far-reaching modernization of the Smile Network leading to increased capacity, which will enable Smile to serve more customers and improve the experience of existing customers.

The Network Expansion, which commenced in January 2021 was strategically timed to coincide with the period of high traffic on the network, as it will greatly improve the internet experience of customers on the Smile network giving them SuperFast internet experience.

“The CNE aligns with Smile’s global vision and mission to be the mobile broadband provider of choice in all markets, whilst enabling its customers to do and achieve more,” said Abhulime Ehiagwina, acting Managing Director of Smile Nigeria. Abhulime believes that having the best network in its class is something that Smile has a passion for, and is excited about this latest upgrade as it will enable Smile to redouble efforts towards providing continued access to SuperFast, SuperReliable and affordable 4G LTE services to all Nigerians.

Also speaking on the upgrade, Abdul Hafeez, Chief Marketing Officer of Smile, noted that the network upgrade reaffirms “Smile’s commitment to creating opportunities that will enable our customers to enjoy the best broadband internet experience by providing differentiating solutions that will enrich their lives”.

Explaining further, Hafeez said that the upgrade was done “partly with the aim of enhancing the overall quality of service on the Smile network, to extend connectivity and access to the internet to more Nigerians, and to make quality internet access more affordable and empower our customers to do more and succeed in their respective endeavors”.

Delighted by the development, a cross-section of Smile subscribers have confirmed the remarkable improvement that the upgrade has engendered. John Okosun, a Lagos-based Company Executive, is among the numerous Smile subscribers pleased by the upgrade. He confirmed being on the Smile Network for about five years and applauded the company for “lots of new ideas and new ways to deliver what customers really need, super-fast internet that you can manage and use to improve your business or your experiences at home”.

Hassan Umaru, an Abuja-based Civil Servant is happy with the “fast pace and reliability of the Smile network”. To Dagogo Whyte, an entrepreneur in Port Harcourt, Smile’s constant upgrade of this network continue to set it apart from the others. To him, “it is thumbs up for Smile for always thinking right and doing the right thing”.

Acclaimed as the pioneer of 4G LTE technology in West Africa, Smile Nigeria is famous for continuously enhancing services to beat the existing industry benchmark and expand on the existing market offers in a bid to provide real value-adding products and services.



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