Offerservice, a United States of America and Nigerian registered online catalogue/eCommerce, yesterday launched an online community, where registered users can display their goods and services and ultimately, connect with the general public.

Unveiling the platform during a press conference in Lagos, the Managing Director of Offerservice, Mr. Tony Uzoma Emmanuel, noted that the platform creates a symbiotic community market for individuals who are keen to render service and for those who require immediate service without hassles.

“With this platform in full use, it will naturally reduce the level of traffic on the roads of Nigeria and other countries in the world. This platform cuts out the middleman approach that tries to rip people off. It also helps to project registered users to potential buyers in their state, federal, or across the globe,” he said.

Mr. Emmanuel added that Offerservice is designed in such a way that it helps people in the diaspora make vivid decisions regarding business transactions they want to get involved in, explain that it indirectly reduces unemployment in every society because it helps people to look inwards and find innate skillsets that have been dormant thereby giving them opportunities to activate and make a profit from them.

The platform, according to him to reduces stress as a potential buyer can at his fingertips engage the immediate society and the world at large.

Though the company has promised to add new features in phases to consolidate on what is already embedded on the platform in order to enhance usability, the Offerservice platform is currently supported by 24 hours,7 days a week and operates a HA (High Availability) Database.

The server is hosted in the United States, and its software development, product, and marketing team are dispersed across the globe.  On the platform, registered user’s page can be followed by users, viewed by users, liked by users and they can also send out newsletters notifying their followers of a new service, recent or future events and new arrivals of products they are willing to sell.


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