Nigeria as a country, today joined the rest of the world in observing this year’s Safer Internet Day, which is set aside in February each year to promote the safe and positive use of digital technology for children and young people and inspire a national conversation.

In Nigeria, the International Center for Leadership Development Nigeria (ICLDNG), is championing as the Nigeria Safer Internet Day Committee and has planned series of events for stakeholders, teachers, media, civil society organisations and government agencies.

“As the Safer Internet Day Committee for Nigeria, we will be organising a campaign directed to individuals across the country to increase awareness on the negatives and positives of the internet, to ensure a safer and better internet for all. We will provide download links to online resources on internet safety for those that intend to hold events on the day. We will also share tips on internet safety on our social media platforms,” it said on its website.

ICLDNG will also host events in selected high schools in Port Harcourt, River State, and distribute internet safety materials to other selected high schools throughout the remaining days of the Safer Internet Day week.

The slogan for the 2021 Safer Internet Day is “Together for a better internet’. ICLDNG believes that Internet security is a collective responsibility, as the Internet remains one of the most effective ways to reach more people online across several demographics.

Also, the country telecom regulator, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) joined the Global Campaign on Safer Internet by working with the Africa Safer Internet Day (ASID)’s theme: “Positioning and Partnering for Child Online Protection.”

“The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) joins the rest of the world to celebrate Safer Internet Day today, the 9th of February, 2021 with the global theme: ‘’Together for a Better Internet,’’ it posted on its official Facebook page.

Meanwhile, Nigerian government-owned ICT services provider, Galaxy Backbone Plc, also joined the fray to observe the day, noting that everyone deserves to feel safe while on the Internet.

“We join our contemporaries across the world in celebrating this special day dedicated to providing a secure & better internet for all. Everyone deserves to feel safe while on the internet. We encourage everyone to be vigilant while on the internet,” it posted.

The National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), the official government body that develops and regulates Information Technology in Nigeria, urged all stakeholders to put their hands together to stay safe online and encourage positive national conversation.

“Today is #SaferInternetDay celebrated globally to promote the safe and positive use of digital technology for children and young people. Let us put hands together to #StaySafe online and encourage positive national conversation,” it said on its official Twitter handle @NITDANigeria.


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