The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has released guidelines that would allow foreigners living in Nigeria to obtain the National Identity Number (NIN), which is now required to get a SIM card and other services in the country.

The guidelines, according to the telecom regulatory authority are all legally resident foreigners in Nigeria are to obtain a NIN by submitting valid resident/work permits at any NIMC enrollment centre.

Foreigners on tourist or visiting visas are to tender their international passports to acquire SIM cards for use during their stay in Nigeria.

If a visiting foreigner or tourist’s immigration status changes to a residency or work permit, he/she will be required to obtain a NIN and link it to the registered SIM.

The Commission, however, noted that a NIN does not confer citizenship on a foreigner, stressing that it only serves the purpose of identification.

The Nigerian government has mandated all persons in Nigeria who use mobile networks to register their SIM cards and link them with the NIN database, including foreigners.


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