In its efforts to delight customers with innovative products and services, Smile Nigeria has decided to introduce the trio of 15GB, 35GB, and 70GB data plans, all of which have 365 days of validity.

The 15GB comes at an attractive price of N9,000; 35GB is on sale for N19,000, while 70GB is only N32,000.

The uniqueness of these latest data plan additions to the 365 product range by Smile is in its long-lasting (full-year) validity period. The validity period for most data plans in Nigeria ranges from one month to three months. At best, it may extend to six months, which underscores the novelty of the range of new offerings.

To many market watchers, it is refreshing to have products with a whopping 365 days validity period. This extended validity period is a breath of fresh air that continues to thrill customers, according to Idowu Odusanya, an Ikeja-based lawyer and telecommunications enthusiast, and it is gradually becoming a standard feature of products from the stable of Smile Nigeria. Ogochukwu Okonkwo, an Ikeja-based telecommunications merchant, was similarly inclined.

Invariably, this addition of three new plans to the 365 days validity period family is partly to cater to lower-end data users. They desire to enjoy seamless services from the number one Unlimited data plan provider in the country.  The three new data plans will, among other things, compliment the earlier product offerings from Smile with 365 days validity period. Notable amongst these are the 125GB plan priced at N50,000; 200GB for only N70,000; 500GB priced at N100,000 and 1,000GB (1TB) that goes for N120,000. All these offerings are viewed as market leaders.

Famous as the first 4G LTE network in West Africa, Smile Nigeria was the first to launch VoLTE on its network and continued its innovation, having introduced SmileVoice. SmileVoice is a free mobile app that enables customers with any Android or Apple iPhone device (including those which are not VoLTE-enabled) to make SuperClear voice calls over Smile’s 4G LTE network. Smile was also the first to introduce an unlimited offering, enabling SuperFast data and SuperClear voice, all in one bundle.


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