The duo of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) and Wema Bank has sealed a partnership deal with the Centre for Cyber  Awareness and Development (CECAD) to celebrate the 2021 World Wide Web Day in Nigeria.

The event, which is scheduled for August 5 at by10:00am at De Renaissance Hotel, G.R.A, Lagos, will chronicle the impact of the internet, the best ways to use the internet for good and economic development, its impact on the media, business, governance,  youth empowerment and entrepreneurship.

According to a statement signed by CECAD National Coordinator, Dr. Bayero Agabi, the event is put together by CECAD and Cyber Africa magazine to celebrate the evolution and impact of the Internet on businesses and society at large.

“The World Wide Web Day is a global celebration dedicated to web browsing, online activity that brings a wealth of knowledge to your fingertips. It is a chance to celebrate the way the internet has created an environment for collaboration and business growth while also taking a deeper look into its evolution over the past three decades since its invention by Sir Tim Berners-Lee,” the statement noted.

The conference is a celebration of the impact of the internet, gathering of stakeholders to discuss the opportunities of emerging technologies for business, raising additional awareness and exploring the strategies of safety on the web for individuals and businesses, infrastructure companies, innovators. The event will also look at policies to grow the space and the Nigerian information society through creating a sustainable digital economy. The event will at De Renaissance Hotel, G.R.A, Lagos.

It will serve as a platform for sharing organizational vision and strategic plan to drive the National ICT revolution and the digital space.


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