StockApps has revealed in its new data that popular video-sharing platform, Youtube hit 34.6 billion visits in the month of May 2021 in what can be described as an impressive growth, with no signs of stopping in the years to come.

The data revealed that although Facebook still dominates the social media space with over 2.1 billion million active users, the Youtube hit in the month of May surpasses Facebook and Twitter combined.

Statistics show that last year, YouTube’s user base hit over 2.1 billion. India accounted for the biggest share of that number, with 373 million users in 2020. The United States and Brazil followed with 205 million and 145 million users, respectively.

Statista data indicated the number of people using YouTube is set to jump to 2.24 billion in 2021 and continue growing to 2.56 billion in 2023, a 15% increase in two years. By 2025, this figure is forecast to touch nearly 2.9 billion.

Statistics also show that YouTube’s brand value hit $47.1bn in 2021, ranking as the seventh most valuable media and entertainment brand globally.

Meanwhile, Google unsurprisingly tops the ranking of the most visited websites convincingly. In May, the search engine hit 90.9 billion visits, revealed the SimilarWeb data. Far below Google, YouTube ranked as the second-most visited website that month.

However, statistics show the video-sharing platforms had 55% more visits than the world’s leading social media app Facebook, which ranked third with 22.4 billion visits.

Twitter and Instagram round the top five list, with 6.7 billion and 6.3 billion visits in May. Wikipedia and the Chinese search engine followed with 5.8 billion and 5.7 billion visits, respectively.

Compared to other social media platforms on this list, statistics show YouTube had five times more monthly visits than Twitter and 5.5 times more than Instagram.


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