As the data center market continued to witness a steady interest from major global cloud service providers such as AWS and Microsoft, along with Huawei, the market has been projected to reach a whopping $3 billion by 2025, growing at a compounded annual growth rate of over 12 percent during the period.

The growth in the market, according to Markets & Research is driving by the growing demand for cloud-based services and modular data center solutions among enterprises, especially in SMEs and government agencies.

The report also disclosed that it is expected over 70 percent of organizations operating in the region will shift to the cloud region by 2025, stressing that South Africa, Kenya, Morocco, Egypt, and Nigeria are at the forefront of improving the digital economy. These countries, along with cloud-based service adoption, have also witnessed high usage of big data analytics.

Several African countries are yet to be cloud-ready, and the improvement in inland and submarine connectivity will see multiple enterprises migrating their workloads to the cloud during the forecast period. A majority of the investment in Africa is led by colocation and telecommunication service providers, followed by enterprises and government agencies due to the installation of modular data centers.

To provide high availability services to end-users, operators are taking precautionary measures for their on-site employees. Colocation data center operators have taken steps to manage the available workforce to monitor their existing faculties without any service disruption.


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