CED Technologies, a design technology company that connects businesses with the highest-rated and vetted software solutions in Africa has partnered Appknox, the world’s most powerful plug-and-play security platform to build a safe and secure mobile ecosystem in Africa.

The aim of the partnership with Appknox, which helps Developers, Security Researchers, and Enterprises to build safe and secure applications is to Push world-class mobile apps faster into the market without compromising on security.

Speaking on the essence of the partnership, the Chief Technology Officer of CED Technologies, Mr. Chukwuebuka Ume-Ezeoke noted that mobile devices do hold a lot of personal information, with several mobile apps having access to that, which at the end of the day makes room for hackers to exploit it.

But with Appknox having functions to deal with these security breaches, mobile app owners are saved from potential revenue and reputation loss Chukwuebuka also disclosed that CED Technologies has helped businesses save weeks of mobile application scanning in 60 minutes or less.

“We offer the world’s most powerful “security as a service” cloud-based application, which helps Developers, Security Researchers, and Enterprises to build a safe and secure mobile ecosystem using a system plus a human approach to outsmart the smartest hackers,” he said.

According to him, Appknox has scanned over one million applications and has increased efficiency and turnaround time for DevOps, and DevSecOps teams considering go-to-market time and protecting organizations from vulnerabilities, cyberattacks, data theft, data leaks, revenue, and reputation loss. We have been successfully reducing delivery timelines, manpower costs & mitigating security threats for Global Banks and Enterprises in 10 + countries.

Appknox is currently been used by 10+ fortune 500 companies, including Facebook, Google, Axis Bank, DCB Bank, First Bank, Flutter wave, and CRDB Bank Tanzania. It uses automated scripts to run fully automated security tests against 130+ Test Cases and provides a comprehensive CVSS standard vulnerability assessment report with just a few clicks it is compatible with IOS & Android.

The security tool also integrates with multiple platforms like Microsoft Azure, Github, Slack, and many others for Continuous Integration and Continuous Development (CI/CD) with ongoing automation and continuous monitoring throughout the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) of an application.

Get Your Mobile Applications tested by highly Qualified Security Experts and fix security vulnerabilities using an Automated Security Testing suite in minutes from Phishing and Social engineering attacks; Third-party plugin and software vulnerabilities; SQL injections and Bot Attacks; DDOS Protection and API protection

Connect and speak with them for a free Proof Of Concept as you continue to provide best-in-class security services for your mobile users


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