Provider of Omnichannel approach to customer service, Infobip will be taking its solution, which drives deeper customer engagement with secure, personalised communications across SMS, RCS, Email, Voice and Whatsapp to this year’s Africa Insuretech Summit.

Slated for 23rd of September 2021, Infobip will be armed at the Summit with the solutions, which encompass customer service, marketing, sales and security to help businesses with a critical part of the digital transformation and enhancing customer experience in the digital space.

The theme of this year’s summit is ‘The Future of Insurance in Africa’. The one-day forum hosts C-Suite and top management individuals from the insurance and technology industries to deliberate on the current technology trends transforming the insurance industry across the continent.

“As the broader economy recovers in response to the pandemic brunt, insurers face a challenge that can be an opportunity for growth if they leverage the correct technologies to remodel their products,” said Laura Chite, CEO CIO Africa.

She added that some of these tools are already employed by some industry players who are becoming more and more competitive and efficient in service delivery.

It is needless to say that the COVID-19 crisis has had a significant impact on individuals, society, businesses, and the wider economy across the globe. The insurance industry has not escaped its impact and continues to innovate as a way to responded quickly to the crisis.

Africa Insuretech Summit 2021 is poised to define the omnichannel approach to customer service as a driving agent for change in the industry. What’s more, insurance companies of all shapes and sizes are searching for evergreen technology solutions that will allow for scalability and constant changes owing to the ever-changing demands and capabilities of the market.

The summit is a timely and valuable event involving insurance tech companies interested in fresh insurance ideas for nurturing existing businesses and sourcing new markets through technology to improve customer experience, simplify policy management, and increase competition.


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