“In the face of the global COVID-19 pandemic, how do we put the women and people who have suffered the largest economic effects at the center of recovery efforts and work toward fixing long-standing inequalities, stereotypes by leveraging technology?

As a nation, recovering from a global economic crisis, high unemployment, increased poverty, stagnating income growth, it is important to understand the different ways that technology is changing the world of work and how together we can stimulate inclusive economic growth through education. Hence, Wragby Business Solutions and Technologies Limited supported by its Partner Microsoft has recently taken the bull by the horns to equip women, young graduates with little or no technical knowledge in the 21st century on Data Analytics.

Wragby Business Solutions and Technologies Limited, a technology company situated in Lekki announced the graduation of eight participants from this 2021 Microsoft LEAP program.

This 12-week intensive training is focused on Data Analytics and Engineering. For the first week, participants were taken through soft skills like conflict resolutions, time management among others. The next three weeks of the training covers Foundation data analytics, SQL, and Power BI.

The next 11 weeks see participants undergo training and development, in the acquisition of about 3 Microsoft certifications covering Azure cloud computing basics and associate level of data analysis with Power Bi.

In his words, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer (MD/CEO) of Wragby Business Solution and Technologies Limited, Dr. Yomi Alarape, mused that “this is in accordance with one of the company’s core values.

‘’The company has strongly demonstrated this with the support and sponsorship of Microsoft; the training is aimed at empowering young graduates with on-demands – technical and soft skills to create jobs in the technology industry for self-reliance and economic development.

This initiative would help them stand out among their counterparts. This program prepares participants for positions in the technology industry and helps them become self-sufficient.’’

The General Manager, New Business, Partnership, Adewale Adeyemi also said, ‘’the LEAP programme has provided great opportunities for ladies to develop themselves into the Technology space. This is the second cohort Wragby has participated in and I can say that I have since not less than 15 ladies develop great skills in Software Engineering and Data Analytics. I have no doubt these ladies will turn out to be captains of this industry in the nearest future.

‘’Adewale further said, Wragby’s mission is to make the world a better place through technology. We believe this process starts with the young ones. Allowing them to express themselves through technology gives them opportunities beyond their foundational training.

Wragby’s Head of Datazone Department, Olanna Ogbenna, who was one of the trainers while describing the program and its impact on participants said, ‘’the program gives young women from all works of life just beginning their career in tech, the opportunity to learn and work with experienced professionals in the field that they have chosen.

‘’This has greatly impacted the participants who joined the team, I must confess; they have not only developed their skills in Analytics, but they have also gained real work experience which has given them independence in task delivery as well as the respect of co-workers.

‘’Olanna further said, ‘’the program is intentional about growth and development because this is also something I am committed to, I like that the participants took advantage of the opportunity, put in their very best, and are still working to be a better version every single day.’’

On the project executed by these young graduates, Olanna said, ‘’the team of participants with little supervision was able to deliver some BI products and services which is now available in the Microsoft Azure marketplace. These Power BI apps enable in-depth analytics for Retail, Manufacturing, and HR which are all offered on the Microsoft app source. We can only urge you to keep your fingers crossed because the team will soon be publishing our BI add-ins to AppSource for the Wragby’swBizManager product (an ERP for Corporates and SMEs).

‘’I am super proud of our achievements and look forward to doing more with this amazing Wragby team.’’

In a chat with Oluwakiite Koiki, one of the successful participants who now works as a Data Analyst with Wragby Business Solutions and Technologies Limited said, ‘’learning on the job has helped improve my mental framework for critical thinking and I can proffer solutions to issues much quicker than I could before the program”

Another participant Rebecca Ogunyemi said, “this program has helped in building a cordial and good working relationship with brilliant mentors within the organization. It exposed me to multiple projects, learning platforms, and personal development workshops. It inculcated teamwork and a good work ethic.

“I now have a great idea of (Software Testing/Quality Assurance) which has further built my technical skills in Test Strategy of User Products. I have four (4) Microsoft certifications which have elevated my career in Data Science. I now work with Wragby Business Solutions and Technologies Limited.’’

Interestingly, all participants have been offered jobs in the technology company as Data Analysts.





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