LG Electronics (LG) had last week showcased its wide range of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems during the Elan Expo Exhibition at the Landmark Event Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos. From Residential Air Conditioners to a full lineup of Commercial Air Conditioners products, LG can transform any space into awe-inspiring, fully functional technological environments and deliver innovative business solutions tailored to customers’ needs.

The centerpiece of LG’s Commercial HVAC solutions at this year’s exhibition is a major enhancement to its flagship Multi V 5 air-source VRF system featuring Air Handling Unit. This has been designed to bring together leading brands in the technology industry as well as developers, Engineers, Architects, Contractors, financial institutions and other key stakeholders to showcase their latest products.

“LG is committed to propelling the industry forward with limitless vision and innovative, powerful technologies to deliver a complete solution to our partners and customers,” said Mr. Jung June Yoon, General Manager, Air Solutions, LG Electronics West African Operations. “With the 2021 Elan Expo taking place, we will be showcasing our most advanced lineup of heating and cooling solutions, innovative controls and industry-leading tools for commercial and residential applications, in 2021 and beyond.” LG is dedicated to creating sustainable innovations and is proud to lead the way with our industry-leading VRF technology.

“LG Electronics Air Solution Business Unit is a provider of total HVAC and energy solutions offering a broad portfolio of air conditioner products that are compatible with any building anywhere, including compact residences, towering skyscrapers, massive factories and giant concert halls. LG also supplies even the largest buildings and industrial facilities with central air conditioning systems such as VRF and efficient control solutions”, Mr. Yoon averred.

Since the introduction of its first-generation Multi V plus to its fifth-generation Multi V 5 with a maximum capacity 26HP, LG has always been ahead of its competitors with its cutting-edge innovation. The flagship product in LG’s state-of-the-art air-source VRF systems, the Multi V 5, represents the next generation in the popular LG Multi V family.

The LG Multi V 5 is available from 8HP- to 96HP, with a choice of heat recovery/heat pump outdoor units. It features LG Intelligent Heating technology that defrosts as needed rather than responding once frost has reached a preset point. On top of active response capabilities, the Multi V 5 also features a new biomimetic fan design that draws from nature’s design and enables the unit to operate more efficiently and increase airflow while reducing the perceived noise level by approximately 20 percent.

One of its latest addition, LG Multi V S has received a number of noteworthy industry accolades, most recently being named “Green Innovation of the Year” by Green Builder as well as a TecHome Brilliance Award honoree. LG Multi V S is a compact, 5-ton heat recovery unit that operates single-phase power, designed to provide excellent energy efficiency and the versatility of simultaneous heating and cooling.

Multi V S provides maximized energy efficiency while minimizing operational costs. Compact yet powerful VRF for private residences and small offices. It controls refrigerant temperature according to indoor, outdoor and setting temperatures. This saves a lot of energy and maximizes indoor comfort levels in cooling/heating modes.

Attendees at this year’s exhibition show for HVAC engineers, contractors and other professionals visiting LG’s booth can interact with the latest LG air conditioning technologies and award-winning products.

LG Electronics has used the opportunity to further firmly stamp its foot on the ground as the brand beat as far the industry is concerned at the exhibition and has also used the opportunity to expand its business scope, as consumers continue to get assurance that life can only get better with LG.



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