A new report by Atlas VPN has revealed that despite the proliferation of cybercrimes dominating the headlines of many technology-related websites for at least the last two years across the world, hacker for hire costs $250 per job while ransomware costs as little as $66 per kit.

According to data presented, spearphishing attacks cost anywhere between $100 and $1,000, while hackers charge around $311 per month to send a barrage of denial of service (DoS) attacks to a specific network.

Citing analysts from Microsoft, who provided the costs of these tools in their Digital Defense Report, released in October 2021, Atlas VPN noted that spearphishing differs from regular phishing attacks because they are targeted towards a specific victim, be it an organization or an individual.

Denial of service (DoS) attacks are among the most common types of attacks in the cybercrime world. Hackers charge around $311 to send a barrage of DoS attacks for a month. These attacks are meant to overflood a specific network with traffic to the extent that it becomes unavailable for its users.

Services sold between hackers.

Innovative hacking technologies have been mostly developed by large hacker groups. Smaller groups or individual hackers do not have enough resources to develop such software.

As a result, there is a demand for specific services, which are being sold on the dark web. Many organized crime groups (OCGs) interact with one another on the dark web in private forums. To get in, you’ll need a good reputation and a referral from someone who knows the ropes. OCGs can collaborate, exchange their latest technology, and sell their services in these forums.


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