Sulaiman Sulaiman Tunde is a young, vibrant, and experienced full stack developer in Ibadan, Oyo State, South-West Nigeria. He works remotely with Leasytime, a dutch  Startup in The  Netherlands. How did he get an international, you may ask? He got the job through Zwarttalent. Zwarttalent via Zwartrecruit connects senior IT experts with international job opportunities to enable them to compete in the global marketplace. Tunde, in this interview, discusses his experience working with an international company, how he got the job, and much more. Excerpts

What is your name, and what is your role/position?

My name is Sulaiman Sulaiman Tunde. I’m a programmer and a full-stack developer. I code in C#, Java, PHP, Node for backend and Angular for frontend and I also have experience in SQL database.

What are your qualifications and experience level?

I’m a master’s degree holder in Educational Technology, and I have over seven years of experience in programming.

How did you hear about Zwarttalent?

I heard about Zwarttalent from a recruiter. She told me about the company and convinced me to sign up.

How was your recruitment, testing, and onboarding experience?

My recruitment, testing, and onboarding experience was a pleasant one. I was asked to complete a programming assessment, and I had a one-on-one session with the recruiters. In addition, I was welcomed in by the compliance team during the onboarding session.

What is the name of the company you are engaged with?

I am currently involved with Leasytime.

What solutions do you provide to the company, and how do you add value to their team?

I develop and manage an application for the company; I support the vision and mission of the company as well and contribute to the company’s growth. In addition, I partake in collaboration with the team members by doing code reviews, suggestions, recommendations, and daily standup.

Can you compare the experience of working with a local company to an international one?

With my experience so far, there is not much difference between an international and local company in the practical aspect. The programming is still the same, but the slight difference is that I have to work and relate with people outside my culture.

How do you feel about getting to work with an international company from the comfort of your own country?

I was happy I got the opportunity to work with a company outside my country. It is an excellent avenue for me to show the western world that there are talents in Africa and be a good ambassador for my country.

How has Zwarttalent positively impacted your life? How will you describe your experience with the Zwarttalent team?

Zwarttalent has been a blessing to me. Thanks to the remote nature of my work, I can work for a company outside my country while remaining close to my wife and son. My working experience with the Zwartrecruit team has been good. There is an open-door policy, and we see ourselves as one big family. No office politics.

Why would you recommend Zwarttalent to others?

It is a goal-driven company that will allow them to grow while working in a comfortable environment. And you get to work with excellent colleagues who assist, encourage and support you until you are well integrated into the system.


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