Good things happen in different ways and we know that experiencing them brings us so much joy and happiness. But do you know what makes good moments even more special? The opportunity to share them with your loved ones.

Your route to make memorable moments with SHAREit Lite  

In the holiday season, we know that sharing moments matter so much to you and your loved ones. That’s why SHAREit Lite is committed to helping you achieve the best of memories through sharing. The app has started a big giveaway in Nigeria to make your celebration and moments special. And the best part is, you don’t even need  data to use the SHAREit Lite app to share files with your friends and family.

The online initiative of the SHAREit Lite app started on December 12th where users can participate in the exciting  activities of the mobile app while engaging with their families and friends. This activity will span through to early January 2022. Download the SHAREit Lite app now to participate and make a memorable Christmas and New Year.

Features of SHAREit Lite

SHAREit Lite is a leading app in the near distance peer-to-peer file sharing industry with exciting features to satisfy your file sharing needs. Here’s a sneak peek of the interesting features of SHAREit Lite:

Cross Device Sharing: You can share any file between laptops and mobile devices without any restriction.

Fast Transfer: Does speed matter to you when sharing files? We know it does. SHAREit Lite is built to allow you to transfer files at a very fast speed which can reach up to 20M/s.

No restriction in sending or receiving files : If you want to send a large range of files in one collection, from music albums, video collections, documents etc. SHAREit Lite’s got you. It’s very fast, easy and efficient.

File Manager : Sometimes files can get cluttered on your devices. SHAREit Lite helps you to declutter and stay more organized. You are able to move files or remove them from your device as per your requirements . This helps to manage the number or type of files on your device.

Clean Booster : It helps you maximize your phone speed and also free up phone storage space by clearing junk and cache.

In the coming months, SHAREit Lite will roll out other fun activities and different initiatives to help users stay connected. Overall, the transmission platform cares about making file transfers more fun, exciting, and in a way that’s never been done before.




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