The National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), yesterday in Lagos engaged Software and Innovation ecosystem stakeholders in a bid to come up with a collective solution to address the challenges hindering the growth of the tech ecosystem, especially the software sector.

Based on the interaction and information available, ITPulse has decided to highlight the below points as the key take away from the engagement, organised through the Office for Nigerian Digital Innovation (ONDI).

  • NITDA admitted there are challenges in the country’s tech innovation ecosystem and wants the inputs of the private sector players to address them.
  • NITDA believes the tech innovators are key to strengthening Nigeria’s digital economy by increasing contributions of ICT to GDP, as well as promoting indigenous content through patronizing indigenous IT products and services.
  • A symbiotic relationship between the Government and the tech innovators in the ecosystem is essential to achieving a collective desired result. Meaning, whatever the government is out to achieve, the private sector should help the government achieve it and whatever the private sector is set to achieve, the government should help and support.
  • The vast amount of human and natural resources amassed by Nigeria must be harnessed and utilized for optimal productivity.
  • The Office for Nigerian Digital Innovation (ONDI) is a special purpose vehicles (SPVs), introduced by NITDA to work with the ecosystem to design and implement strategic programs and initiatives that will drive and foster the ecosystem’s growth through interventions and addressing some of the issues being faced in the ecosystem.
  • Strategic human capital development, funding and support to the ecosystem, research and insights, monitoring and compliance, partnerships and implementation of guidelines are the six focus areas in which the Agency is willing to collaborate with the stakeholders in creating a formidable and enviable ecosystem.
  • Heads of Industries, Groups and Associations present at the stakeholders engagement clamoured for a more effective communication and transparency.



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