The Management of Galaxy Backbone Limited (GBB) has said the temporary outage of some of its services and the inconvenience being experienced by some of its customers across the country is highly regretted.

In a statement issued by Chidi Okpala, Head, Corporate Communications, the federal government owned company assured that across the organization, the highest priority classification has been assigned and all hands are on deck to ensure resolution is achieved within the shortest possible time.

“At the time of this Press statement, GBB has put together a highly skilled technical team of experienced Engineers and Applications experts to not just solve this current issue but put in place all the necessary structures to ensure that such an incident never occurs again in the future,” it promised.

It disclosed that while a good number of the services have been restored, efforts are being made to restore all the other services of its customers.

In the meantime, and since this incident occurred, GBB has continued to notify and reach out to all its valued customers and will continue to do so to provide the necessary updates required until all the services affected are completely restored.


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