In this piece, SHAREit Lite –  a global file sharing app  – highlights how sharing can foster the best moments among people during the valentine season.

What comes to your mind when you think about “Valentine”? Gifting? Outing? Resting? Partying? Whatever it is, there isn’t a right or wrong response. The season of Valentine means different things to different people – usually its purpose is exaggerated and taken beyond the context. Other times, it’s so streamlined and isn’t maximised enough. But there is more to this season of love that meets the eye.

Speaking on the essence of Valentine season, Marvin Umebiye, Regional Marketing Director, SHAREit Lite, Nigeria says “We can’t rule out the festivities that accompany Valentine’s day, but we can be so lost in its allure, and unintentionally overlook the moments we are meant to  experience and share. It’s a delicate scale which we often find difficult to balance. However, if everyone takes some time to share love with each other, memories formed will contain immeasurable values that will be cherished for a lifetime. That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to help people go a notch higher this season”.

As a global file sharing app, SHAREit Lite has highlighted ways through which everyone can make the most of the Valentine season and have memories that last beyond a day:

Exchange & Redefine Moments

Moments define the very essence of our existence as human beings. Birthdays, family celebrations, work anniversaries and valentine seasons are some of the moments we celebrate. One of the methods of exchanging the joys that come with such moments is through pictures and videos.

Pictures are said to be worth a thousand words, yet videos are worth a million more than pictures. Today, the rate of mobile-captured videos have tremendously increased and caused a simultaneous growth in the peer-to-peer file sharing landscape. With a data-free app like SHAREit Lite, it’s much easier to share real-time moments with families and friends. This aligns with SHAREit Lite’s commitment to enable users to go unreserved with capturing their moments, and sharing them instantly with others at a very fast speed. This valentine, embrace the gift of exchanging and redefining moments through sharing.

Document and organise for easy future reference

Capturing moments is beautiful and creating unforgettable memories through documenting and organising is very important. You don’t want to miss out or forget certain events that have made your time remarkable during this valentine. An app like SHAREit Lite enables you to easily document, compile and organise your files for future reference.

Instead of getting lost in the moment and forgetting to document your stories, SHAREit Lite helps to better arrange your files in folders. Also, the app improves the efficiency of your device by sorting files, clearing junk files,ensuring that you can focus on moments that truly matter and are worth your attention.

Get others involved

It’s never fun to do things alone. Solitude has its place, but we need each other at every point in time. Imagine how you’d feel if you had no one to share the special moments with.  That’s why the opportunity to share your experiences and journeys with others is so invaluable. SHAREit Lite has been continuously rolling out fun activities and different initiatives to help users stay connected. They have also started a Valentine’s day activity where users can share their love by transferring music to others and get a chance to win prizes. The duration of this activity is from 14th – 16th February, 2022. This will give everyone who shares in the moment a memory to always remember, smile, and cheer about.

Overall, maximising the joy of  valentine by sharing every moment is worth it. To make the sharing process very enjoyable and easy, use the SHAREit Lite app (available on Android) on the go without your mobile data. There are currently more and more community members in Nigeria who take advantage of this already and they can’t all be wrong. There’s definitely more to sharing than we give credit for. Make the most of this valentine through sharing.


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