In this piece, SHAREit Lite – a global file-sharing app  – explores some use-cases of file-sharing within Nigeria’s formal and informal sector.

Imagine being at the office and needing to urgently transfer some files from your phone to your personal computer. You’ve worked on your mobile phone while in transit and need to send the documents to your boss as soon as you arrive at the office.

Upon arrival, you tried plugging in a direct phone-to-PC USB connection and had to battle partial contact issues. The Bluetooth transfer occurred as an alternative, but it’s taking such a long time then you can afford it because it’s too slow to speedily transfer your heavy files. You decided to use Google Drive but you’ve barely started uploading when your data got exhausted.

Nothing ignites frustration in the office more than these scenarios. It’s very draining when one faces situations with very strict deadlines.

Repeatedly, young working-class Nigerians experience stress and inefficiency from little things in the workplace which could be totally avoided. It gets worse for those who feel confined to using common file-sharing options which aren’t as effective.

The problem extends globally. Very few file-transfer applications provide the dynamics of the interplay between multiple and non-linear devices, e.g mobile-to-computer instead of the common mobile-to-mobile file transfers.

At the inception of SHAREit Lite, the development team was deliberate about creating a seamless process to ease this barrier, boost productivity and ensure that upwardly mobile Nigerians are able to transfer files better and more efficiently at their different workplaces.

“We’ve seen the upward trends in the use cases for files in the most unbelievable categories. From offices to retail, communal groups, families, informal business owners and a lot more. More than ever, we’re convinced that more needs to be done to fulfill the needs of this insatiable market. We’re constantly gathering our Nigerian users’ experience to meet that more.” says Marvin Umebiye, Regional Marketing Director, SHAREit Lite, Nigeria.

Other use cases in recent times are traceable to tertiary institutions where young students need to share files individually or as a group, from academic projects to entertainment and a lot more. The recently-held CampusStorm competition by Boomplay in partnership with SHAREit Lite typifies the surging use case of file-sharing across Nigerian institutions and how SHAREit Lite has been very integral to their peer-to-peer sharing efficiency process.

Marketplaces aren’t exempted. Especially for Customer-to-Customer (C2C) retailers who have to list their products on third-party online platforms like Jiji, Olist, NigeriaPropertyCenter and others.

According to Chike Afamawe, a phone accessories dealer in Nigeria’s every-busy computer village, being able to share his goods without data on SHAREit Lite has been pivotal to the success of his business. “The fact that I don’t have to stress myself while sharing pictures of my latest products is so good to be true. When I use WhatsApp subscriptions, I encounter this quality loss, but with SHAREit Lite, the quality is retained and the best part is, it works with or without mobile data. It comes at no extra cost for a subscription. This for me, is a plus to my business,” says Afamawe.

Afamewa isn’t the only one realising how fluid the ability to share his wares has made his business and how SHAREit Lite compares with other sharing apps.

Eniola Sholapo, a vehicle tires retailer in Ladipo, Nigeria’s biggest and bubbling spare parts market also concurs, adding that “selling parts wholesales requires trust. We need apps like SHAREit Lite to enable us to send pictorial evidence of products to customers and documents that confirm our credibility to suppliers. I like it because sharing happens on the go for us here. I have encouraged fellow dealers and mechanics to get the app too. Since it doesn’t really cost us beyond a little space on our phone due to its very light nature”.

SHAREit Lite believes the use cases of the file-sharing app will continue to soar as the population grows simultaneously. Beyond the dataless and lightweight features, SHAREit Lite currently has more and more Nigerian community members who are always exploring use cases to boost productivity while being very supportive of one another.

“So far, we’ve seen in Nigeria, more use-cases are rising in the former and informal sectors and from people seeking a more efficient method to achieve their file transfer needs. We can’t wait for others to onboard and experience this file-sharing ease with SHAREit Lite. When you listen to the genuine stories of our users, you realise that little things actually do matter, because they make life so much easier. It’s also a wake-up call to the file-sharing industry that more grounds are waiting to be broken”.


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