In a bid to provide customers with easy access to their accounts as well as the ability to perform transactions seamlessly without the need for in-person banking, Abbey Mortgage Bank today in Lagos announced the launch of its data-friendly mobile banking application.

Speaking during the launch at the Bank’s Head Office, Lolita Ejiofor GM, Information Technology & Platforms, told Journalists that the AbbeyMobile App was developed based on the need to provide a more seamless and convenient banking experience for both existing and new customers, simply by downloading and registering securely on the AbbeyMobile App.

“The app would ensure a better experience is accessible for day-to-day banking services, including opening an account to save towards their equity for a mortgage (“Save to Own”), without the need to visit a branch. Of course, our friendly Customers Experience Team are readily available to assist,” he said.

Also commenting, the GH E-business & support at Abbey Mortgage Bank, Felix Omodayo-Owotuga stated that one of the unique prepositions of the app is that customers will be rewarded with fabulous prizes as they refer a friend to the AbbeyMobile App, stressing that the Bank’s goal is to consistently create value for its customers and to provide them with solutions that enable them to meet their strategic objectives.

“We remain committed to being there for our customers in their journey to homeownership,” he assured.

A check on the newly launched application indicates that it will facilitate smooth interaction between customers and stakeholders nationwide.  It also marks a big step in the democratization of mortgage banking in Nigeria and provides unprecedented homeownership access for Nigerians in all geographical locations. The Mortgage Mobile App is attributed to a rise in the number of internet consumers, increased access to web-based and online services, and the rising need to simplify homeownership.

With over 108 million internet users in Nigeria and an estimated 120 million mobile phone holders, Abbey Mortgage is now able to connect more Nigerians to quick and professional guides towards their journey to homeownership.

Also commenting on the launch, Madu Hamman, Managing Director/CEO of Abbey Mortgage Bank stated that “We are delighted to be at the forefront of digital banking within the mortgage banking space. We recognize that these are very difficult times and our customers are looking for a partner that can help them navigate the challenges induced by the COVID-19 pandemic. This is why we are constantly raising the bar and pushing the limits in service delivery by pioneering innovative solutions that make banking easier and faster for our customers”.

Madu Hamman enthused that “In keeping with its commitment to simplify homeownership, provide funding to qualified customers and reduce access times, Abbey is utilizing the latest technology to consolidate the compendium of care and expand our vision to our customers’ mobile devices.”




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