Kolade Odusanya stands as a beacon of expertise, with over 5 years of professional experience in building and managing cloud infrastructure. With a specialisation in Linux and AWS, he has been instrumental in optimising cloud environments and pioneering serverless computing solutions. Currently, Kolade is a key member of a dynamic team of insight developers, where he spearheads multiple AWS accounts and facilitates cross-account CI/CD pipelines using AWS services.

Kolade’s journey into cloud engineering started with a profound passion for optimising cloud infrastructure. His fascination with Linux and AWS became a driving force that led him to excel in the field. Over the years, he has honed his skills in a multitude of areas, becoming a true jack-of-all-trades in cloud-native development.

One of the defining aspects of Kolade’s career is his mastery of serverless computing. In a world where organisations are continually seeking efficient, scalable, and cost-effective solutions, serverless computing is the answer to many challenges. Kolade’s in-depth knowledge of AWS Lambda and other serverless technologies has enabled him to architect solutions that seamlessly adapt to fluctuating workloads and deliver exceptional performance, all while keeping operational costs at a minimum.

Kolade’s current role involves overseeing multiple AWS accounts and implementing cross-account CI/CD pipelines using AWS services. This is a testament to his ability to navigate complex, multi-account environments and ensure a smooth development and deployment process. He not only ensures that CI/CD pipelines are automated but also that they adhere to best practices and are highly secure.

Kolade’s skill set, which includes tools like Docker and Kubernetes, is the cornerstone of his cloud-native development success. He uses these technologies to create highly modular and scalable applications that can be deployed seamlessly in various cloud environments. Bash scripting and DevOps principles further enhance the efficiency of his operations, making sure that development and deployment processes are seamless and automated.

Terraform, a tool for Infrastructure as Code (IaC), is another key component of Kolade’s arsenal. With Terraform he can define and provision cloud infrastructure using code, enabling rapid development and easy management of cloud resources.

Kolade’s mastery of PowerShell and Nginx is essential in securing the stack and maintaining the integrity of cloud applications. He has a keen focus on securing cloud environments and ensuring that data remains safe and accessible only to those who should have access. Kolade understands the importance of collaboration and version control in software development. He uses Git and GitHub to manage code repositories, ensuring that his team can work collaboratively and that code changes are tracked effectively. His experience with DataSync and OpenSearch underscores his commitment to data management. These tools are crucial in ensuring data is efficiently synchronised and can be searched and analysed with ease.

Kolade Odusanya’s journey in the world of cloud-native development is a testament to the transformative power of expertise and the relentless pursuit of excellence. As a Cloud Engineer, his contributions have elevated the cloud infrastructure landscape, making serverless computing more accessible and efficient for organisations around the world.

Kolade Odusanya mastery of Linux, AWS, and a wide array of cloud-native technologies, coupled with his role in pioneering cross-account CI/CD pipelines, is a shining example of the remarkable accomplishments that can be achieved in the cloud-native development sphere.


Kolade Odusanya’s story serves as an inspiration to aspiring cloud engineers and a reminder of the limitless potential within the realm of cloud-native development.


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