Barring any disruption, Konga Food, the online food delivery arm of Nigeria’s composite e-commerce giant, Konga, is set to formally go live on Monday, May 9, 2022.

With the unveiling, the company assured that Konga Food is eminently positioned to toe the path of other thriving subsidiaries in the Konga Group by offering Nigerian food lovers more options and better service while improving customer satisfaction with its unique offerings.

“Having undergone a pilot phase which saw its offerings subjected to rigorous testing, all is now set for Nigerians to experience the power of the Konga Food revolution,” it announced via a press release.

Notably, Konga Food has signed up a suite of partnerships with leading restaurant and grocery chains, as well as other choice food outlets, ranging from Cafes, Healthy Food/Drinks, Fast Food, Contemporary Casual, Casual Dining, Intercontinental and Fine Dining to offer customers more variety and a multiplicity of options to choose from.

Driven by cutting-edge technology, an expansive chain of logistics assets and a well-trained army of customer service and delivery agents, Konga Food is poised to reposition the customer at the centre of the online food ordering and delivery value-chain by offering greater visibility, more convenience, quality service, proactive feedback mechanisms and record-breaking delivery times, while also placing the customer in greater control of the entire process.

Feelers from within Konga Food indicate that customers are in for a revolutionary experience, with technology deployed to new heights by the management of the company to usher in a positively disruptive new vista in the Nigerian online food industry, while also building a seamless ecosystem of consumers, restaurants, grocers and riders/delivery agents.

A number of incentives are in line for customers on Monday, including meal vouchers, freebies and free delivery for early bird orders, among others. Orders can be processed via Prospective customers are also encouraged to download the Konga Food app which is available on the Google Play Store for Android users and App Store for iOS while also following the brand on social media via @konga_food for quick updates.


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