As a way of telling its customers that we are grateful for the support and patronage, Interswitch, one of Africa’s leading payment technology companies and its global partner, ACI Worldwide hosted its customers in Nigeria for a breakfast session tagged ACI Customer Day in Lagos.

At the event with the theme ‘Driving Modernisation of payment Infrastructure in Africa’, Jonas Adams, Managing Director, Interswitch noted that the essence of the event is to help drive stakeholder engagement bonds with its biggest customers, which are the banks, fintechs and the government.

He explained that the partnership between Interswitch and ACI Worldwide has existed for 22 years and is only ideal to have them come to Nigeria to engage with the customer on the new trend in the payment ecosystem.

“Today is an event that we have put together just to help us drive our stakeholder engagement bonds, with our biggest customer and do self-index. Also, to show appreciation to our customers on an ongoing basis,” he said.

Interswitch leads the integrated payments and digital commerce in Africa leveraging the payment technology provided by ACI Worldwide and making it available to almost all the banks in Nigeria since 2001. Apart from Nigeria, Interswitch also uses the technology in Kenya, Uganda, Gambia and in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Still speaking on the relationship between Interswitch and ACI Worldwide, and how it benefits the Nigerian payment technology space, Jonas added that ACI provides the core technology that drives retail payments, integrating it into a consistent solution that most of the global banks use today.

“So, while ACI builds the dependable, scalable solutions, we owned the resource and the expertise to deliver this solution to nine out of ten of the largest banks globally and in over 70 countries,” he added.

Meanwhile, Brett Stevens, Sales Director – Africa at ACI Worldwide has said Nigeria remained the biggest market for ACI in the last 20 years. Thus, the country remains top of the list in terms of focus for future of payments.

“Nigeria is important to us. It’s not a market that we are opportunistic in. It’s something that we’ve been here in within the switch for 20 years. Nigeria remains top of our list in terms of focus for the future,” he said.

He believes that the future of payment is going to start here within Nigeria as a lot of digital innovations are presently taking place in the country. “We’re a leader in real-time payments globally. We really firmly believe that Nigeria is where a lot of digital innovations take place. We’re seeing that through our partnership with Interswitch. And now we firmly believe that the future of payments is going to start here within Nigeria,” he emphasized.


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