A report by an advisory consulting firm, Hofstede Insights has highlighted Interswitch, an integrated and digital payment company as one of Nigeria’s top five companies in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).

According to Hofstede Insights, the report that highlighted Interswitch followed extensive research carried out and published with the theme “Nigeria DEI Report: An Assessment of the State of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion amongst the Leading Companies in Nigeria.”

The report assesses the degree of diversity, equity and inclusivity across the board and management levels in corporate organizations in Nigeria, and highlights the importance of creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment for individuals from various backgrounds. It also notes that only a few organizations met the global benchmark, with Interswitch ranking among the top 5 in Nigeria.

Interswitch’s impressive ranking in the assessment report points to the technology company’s dedication to providing an enabling workspace for its employees by formulating and adopting inclusive workplace policies that foster diversity and equity.

Commenting on the recognition, the Chief Human Resources Officer for Nigeria at Interswitch, Franklin Ali stated that Interswitch’s focus on inspiring Africa to greatness was a key driving force for the company, a priority that was reflected in the workspace through deliberate actions taken to ensure that all employees reached their full potential.

“We appreciate this recognition from Hofstede Insights. At Interswitch, we have focused on ensuring that our workplace culture presents a level playing field and provides an enabling environment for our people to thrive. Making the Interswitch brand more equitable by empowering our employees to give their best, has been of paramount importance. In line with our mantra to consistently push the boundaries, we plan on remaining ahead of the pack in this regard.’’

The company’s desire to support its employees’ career aspirations was recently expressed through a series of perks introduced for employees, their spouses, and their wards to drive high employee satisfaction and boost talent retention.


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