Following the insights on how cyber threats can threaten users, especially children in the gaming space and how to get protected, Kaspersky experts have shared six rules to help protect your data and not to find yourself in a location that can harm you or your children psychologically.

The six rules are:

  1. Do not share your real name, place of residence, school, or other personal information that can help attackers identify you in the real world;
  2. Only chat with those users who you know personally; do not chat with strangers in Roblox or anywhere else;
  3. Use a complex and unique password and always end the session at the end of the game, especially if you choose to connect from an unfamiliar device. Don’t forget to use two-factor authentication;
  4. Roblox is using an internal content monitoring system and if you come across any unwanted ads, cheating, online grooming, different types of harassment or aggression towards you or other users you should report it to the moderators;
  5. Critically evaluate the information you encounter in the game world. Abusers may use a variety of techniques, including social engineering. For example, they may offer you a reward in the form of in-game currency (Robux) for detailed information about yourself. If someone offers you this, then in all likelihood it’s cheating, and the fraudster clearly has “own interests”;
  6. Use antivirus solutions and parental control programs to ensure your child can use the Internet safely.

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