The Internet Society Nigeria Chapter (ISOC), as part of efforts to build additional Internet Governance capacity within Nigeria, recently held a virtual meeting as the opening ceremony of the 3rd edition of the Nigerian School on Internet Governance (NSIG).

At the meeting, Engr. Kunle Olorundare, Co-Coordinator of 2022 NSIG urged the fellows to be global ambassadors, noting that the Schools on Internet Governance has helped many notable countries groom citizens that have risen to take up key positions and influence the global Internet ecosystem.

The Executive Council of Internet Society, Nigeria Chapter in collaboration with Policy and Regulation Initiative for Digital Africa (PRIDA), a joint initiative of the AU, EU, and ITU, welcomed the prospective Fellows during the Opening Ceremony which was held on the 24th of August 2022. The opening ceremony introduced the intending fellows to the PRIDA platform which was online learning and set as the first segment of the NSIG.

The Nigerian School on Internet Governance precedes the Nigerian Internet Governance Forum (NIGF) in order to give participants, the practical experience of participating in a national Internet Governance Forum like the Nigerian Internet Governance Forum (NIGF).

According to him, with the help of experienced and qualified resource Faculty Members within the global Internet Governance space, participants of the school will learn about the essence of Internet Governance and be equipped with the necessary skills and resources for effective participation in the public policy issues that Internet Governance focuses on.

Engr. Kunle Olorundare added that the end results of NSIG include but are not limited to fellows being able to contribute directly to the growth of Nigeria’s Internet Policy making process.

Also commenting, Mr. Caleb Ogundele, the President of Internet Society, Nigeria Chapter and Co-Coordinator of the Nigerian School on Internet Governance noted that the school hopes to groom the next generations of Internet Governance public policy experts.

He added that the output is for the participants and fellow in the school to be able to contribute to the critical global debate on Internet Governance issues from Nigerian and Global geopolitics and multistakeholder diplomacy perspective.

While congratulating the fellows for making it to the final selection list of the league of prospective fellows of the Nigerian School on Internet Governance (NSIG), Mr. Ogundele noted that the NSIG is a very important school as it equips the fellows with requisite practicum and knowledge to be above board on Internet Governance conversations at the national, regional, continental and global level.

The schedule of the prestigious NSIG includes the African Union / PRIDA E-Learning Module which started on the 24th of August and will end on the 6th of September 2022 while the second synchronous and practicum where rigorous real-time lectures will take place virtually from the 7th to 13th of September 2022, with eminent and skillful personalities in the Internet Governance space shall lecture the prospective fellows.


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