Techcastle Foundation, a non-governmental organization and organizer of the Afritech Awards has named Dr. Krishnan Ranganath, Regional Executive for West Africa for Africa Data Centres (ADC) as the 2022 Data Centre Influencer of the Year.

Announcing him the winner at the event held at the prestigious Oriental Hotel in Lagos, the organizer noted that Dr. Krish as he is fondly called in Africa’s ICT space has been influential in setting up data centres in Africa in the last two decades.

“The history of the proliferation of data centre in Africa cannot be told without Dr. Krishnan Ranganath. From our own findings, he is a key figure in setting up and managing various networks & data centres across emerging economies with a proven record of monitoring the inflow & outflow of funds and ensuring optimum utilisation towards the accomplishment of the organisational goals,” Chike Onwuegbuchi, Co-Founder of Techcastle Foundation said.

According to him, Dr. Krish has been involved in various activities in promoting and enabling local content in Africa and preparing long-term ICT strategies and roadmaps for various emerging economies within Africa as well as in West Africa’s telecom infrastructural development.

Mr. Osa Bazuaye 9r) receiving the award on behalf of Dr. Krish

Meanwhile, receiving the award on behalf of Dr. Krish, Mr. Osa Bazuaye, Head of Business Development, West Africa at Africa Data Centres, noted that the award will serve as a booster to do more in promoting data centre in Africa and ultimately, engenders local content in the continent.

“It is safe to say this deserving award will push Dr. Krish whom I know and personally work with to do more. We want to thank Techcastle Foundation for this recognition with a promise that Dr. Krish will work harder to promote data centre in Africa because to whom much is given, much is also expected,” he added.

Dr. Krish is presently the Regional Executive for West Africa for Africa Data Centres, Africa’s largest network of interconnected, carrier- and cloud-neutral data centre facilities.
He has more than two decades of experience in the global industry working with various Multinationals across Emerging Markets in the Information and Communications Technology sector. He has managed complex multinational projects across growing economies and has seasoned relationships with various global players across industries.

Dr. Krish, who holds an MBA in International Marketing, Ph.D. in International Marketing, Organisational Management and Strategy, Enterprise-wide risk management & BCP has also been instrumental in promoting young African entrepreneurs from his wealth of experience.


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