The Zoho CRM is an essential product for businesses that are desirous of recording huge sales, scaling, and optimizing their business processes, Mr. Kehinde Ogundare, Country Manager, Zoho Technologies Limited disclosed.

Ogundare, who disclosed this recently while making a presentation at the Africa Tech Alliance Forum (AfriTECH 2.0) held at Oriental Hotel, Lagos, explained that CRM (Customer relationship management) is a technology application for managing all of a business organisation’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers.

Ogundare said that the Zoho CRM can be used in different ways, including using it as a customer relationship management tool that businesses can use to communicate, send email, receive email, do automation and all other things.

According to Ogundare, “You can also use a CRM as a data-based and repository hub if you activate it. A lot of businesses use one or two applications if you want to do your marketing, you want to do finance and all that.

“Our CRM will allow you to connect all these applications together and you Can also integrate with third-party applications .”

Kehinde Ogundare, Country Manager, Zoho Technologies Ltd with Africa Digital Enabler Award presented to Zoho at AfriTECH Awards 2022.

He stated that Zoho CRM can also be used as a sales management pipeline, noting that salespeople are very key to any organisation as they are the backbone of any company, adding that for them to work well, you need somebody to tell you what you are doing, track your tractions, how many people you are engaging, activities he said Zoho CRM will allow you do.

“On our unified platform,  which is Zoho One, it brings together all these applications for you to run your business.

“As of today, you don’t have to pay for them separately; you can just buy Zoho One, which will give you all the tools you need to run your entire organization with one subscription.

Zoho One is a bundle that gives you access to about 40+ products that come with Enterprise features.

These include; Sales, Marketing, Finance, Support and Human Resources management tools; most of these applications are synced together to ease your business processes.

“You want to connect your sales department, your online marketing platform like Facebook, Instagram; you will be able to connect that with your Sales department, then your finance team that will invoice the customer. What we are doing is that we are providing you the software that will bring everything together for you on the same platform,” Ogundare further explained.

The Zoho Country Manager further disclosed that for the marketing department of businesses, Zoho has a series of applications like the Zoho Campaign for email marketing or newsletter in addition to the Zoho SalesIQ for a live chat application, Zoho Social for social media marketing.

In his words, “Sales IQ would give you the opportunity to actually engage your customers to be able to know where they are chatting from, the kind of OS they are using, their geo-location. And these are data that are very essential and crucial for your business. It will allow you to make informed decisions.

“Take, for instance, you are doing a lot of marketing activities in Lagos and you are not getting traction in Lagos, however, in some other states where you don’t have marketing activities going on, the platform can provide you information that there are opportunities there you can go and explore.”

Ogundare said that Zoho has sets of collaborative applications that were built and developed for ease of business and specifically mentioned the Zoho Mail, which he described as one of Zoho’s best-selling products in Nigeria.

“Zoho Mail is a beautiful email for any organisation to have. I personally recommend it for organisations running any size of business. I encourage customers to sign up for Zoho Mail because it gives them some level of credibility.

“One good thing about Zoho Mail is that if you are an SME with less than 5 members in your team, you will get to use this product for free for life. The moment you scale up to 6, 7, 100, 1000 and above, that’s when we start billing you to pay. And you can get the Zoho Mail domain name easily from anywhere in the world.

“You can also use our invoicing application for free and get quality and brilliant service for the invoicing software. Zoho Invoice is an online invoicing software that helps you craft professional invoices, send payment reminders, keep track of expenses, log your work hours, and get paid faster. All these are for free,” Ogundare stated.

Zoho has more than 12,000 customers in Nigeria that are running their operations on Zoho applications, with over 500,000 customers using its products globally, on a daily basis.



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